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Where oh Where can I donate...

Salvation Army - Appliances, automobiles, clothing, furniture, household goods, electronics, books, art, appliances.

Goodwill - Clothing, shoes and accessories, small household appliances, furniture, electronics, books, fine china, jewelry, art and other collectibles.

St. Athony’s - Clothing, hygiene products, unexpired food

SPCA - Towels, clean/unopened pet items, hand sanitizer, dishwashing liquid,blankets (flannel or fleece), flat sheets (not fitted), pet beds NEW ONLY, dog/cat toys NEW ONLY, collars/leashes, carriers/kennels, unopened food/treats

Circa Jewelry - Sell Jewelry

Sports Basement - Batteries, Bike Parts, Cell Phones, Corks, Energy Bar Wrappers, Propane Canisters, Running Shoes, Tennis Balls

Buy Nothing FB page - great resource to give away items

Nextdoor - another great resource to sell or give away items

Have used climbing Ropes?

They can be used to make dog leashes!

Donate to:

Sports Basement, Bryant Street; SPCA; and Dogpatch SF.

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