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Things I learned from a Navy Seal

I Like many of you have been Sheltering in Place and working from Home. Trying to pivot on how I do business and what that even looks like now. The other week I took place in a webinar from Alden Mills, a former Navy Seal. He was discussing what it was like living in small spaces (submarine) and how you Pivot your lifestyle to make this work.

With everyone working from home, I want to offer some tips and tricks from Alden Mills and myself to help you have a more productive work ethic at home and hopefully someday carry back to your office space. 

Did you know that people often spend upwards of 30% of their time searching for documents while they are working? 

What would you do with this additional time?

Alden Mills talks having a REMOTE lifestyle.

R- Routine : Create a POD (Plan of the Day) for you and your kids. Set up a structured time to wake up, make the bed, get dressed for the day, eat breakfast, etc. Create time to do your chores, school work, play time, and screen time and be strict about it. 

E- Engage : Connect with others. Even if you feel stable, your neighbor or family member may need support during this time of social isolation.

M- Manage : Manage distractions. Between family, chores, Newscasts, social media, and Open Loops (tasks that haven’t been completed at work or at home), distractions inevitably arise. Right now you have both work and family in the same environment. Here are some suggestions:

  • Separate work from home as much as possible. Designate a table or room for doing office work only.

  • Take the time to clean up your desk; you'll find solace in being organized.

  • Manage expectations that you put on yourself and that others put on you. Be realistic what you can accomplish in a day's time.

O- Opportunity : You decide the opportunities to take. Right now you have more time to learn, create, and do things that challenge you. Embrace this opportunity to grow your skills and be more flexible in adapting to change.

T- Take Breaks : It is okay to take breaks from the people you live with. In fact, it is necessary! Take breaks from work as well. Take breaks from the space you work in, change up the room you're in, and get out of the house frequently for short walks. 

Pick one small thing to change and start today.

I look forward to hearing how these steps work for you.

Let me know how I can help support you during this time.

Stay well! 

Check out Alden Mill's full Webinar here!

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